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Take Off

This is a smaller more adaptable version of our show "Special Conquest".

This version was originally conceived for plane travel to give performances abroad.

This version has also been very successful in France because of its ability to adapt to all environments as it is a practical show for inaccessible places.

Composition :

2 Acrobats/Actor on pneumatic stilts
1 Actor/Carrier Jet Pack with sound system

Format :
Resident show 25 min. The show can be preceded by a show-up.

Team :
3 Artists

Technical rider :
14 x 10 mt flat floor (non slippery)
Minimum 7 mt high
No sound system needed
Lights: 8 PAR 64 1000W, 2 for each corner

Transportation :  
By flight from Toulouse (France), 3 artists + 6 luggages < 23 kg

Accommodation and meal :  
From D-1 to D+1 for 3 artists, single room and hot food.

A full proposal will be send for all request. Inquire the date and the place of the show.



Cie Tac O Tac

Street Theater






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