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Organic Fantasy

This is a show about nature, above all the love of its colours and the celebration of the living beings that inhabit it.

A powerful and dynamic parade led by fragile, sensitive, and yet mischievous beings.
Several stops are the occasion for choreography, acrobatic prowess, and poetic outbursts where the audience contemplates the joy of a nature that is not being ransacked... (but rather released).

Suitable for all dreamers, it is a breath of fresh air for anyone who wants to come and share, laugh, dance, and become the organic workings of a joyful mechanism!


2 Pneumatics stilts walkers
1 Dream carrier, Actor
1 Powerful noise system illuminated

Format :
2 Parades x 45 minutes  or 1 Parade x 1h30

Walking show with small choreographed sequence

Transportation : 

1 Van (0,50 euros/km) From Limoges (87), France


By plane from Toulouse airport (France), 3 artists + 6 Luggages < 23kg.

Accommodation and meal :  
From D-1 to D+1 for the team, single rooms and hot food.

A full proposal will be send for all request. Inquire the date and the place of the show.



Cie Tac O Tac

Street Theater






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